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Travel Agent Achievers Podcast

Oct 19, 2021

If you've listened to our previous episode, I talked about the recent news we've been hearing all over the world about the world slowly opening up. I invited a special guest onto this episode as I wanted to dig a little deeper into the topic with an incredible woman who champions other women on their business journey. Michelle Broadbent. 


We both want you to be ready for what is on it’s way with regards to bookings and to get prepared as things start to unfold for now and the future! Helping you to clear the overwhelm and be the boss in your business. 


Our special Michelle says she's ‘the woman behind the woman’, and the sounding board and cheerleader and is very passionate about seeing others succeed. But she’s so much more. 


She provides realistic, practical solutions and operational support together with out-of-the-box creative ideas - all served with a big dose of TLC. 


Michelle and I have a lot of things in common and one you will hear about on this episode. (Please excuse my singing - OMG I almost died when I realised I did this and it is now recorded. ) 



Michelle shares with us ways to help to clear overwhelm, manage our time well, set up boundaries to ensure that we are on top of our business and not our business on top of us. 



As we move on to a new era, I want you to be in charge and put yourself in the driver's seat. Do what you can do right now. One step at a time. 


Organise, plan and understand your clients better and connect with them. Plug into a group that will help you grow, succeed and be accountable. 


“Work out those things that work for you and put yourself in the driver’s seat because you don’t want to live your entire life according to other people’s agendas”. - Roslyn Rase

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